On repeat

On repeat

I don’t know about you, but these days I have 2 big obsessions:

I keep listening to the new track made by my friends Bogdan Vix, Keyplayer and Airborn, 3phoria. The song has just been premiered in A State of Trance – Armin Van Buuren’s show and it really makes me feel euphoric…. And yes! I want to listen to it again and again ?  Am I subjective or do you feel the same?

And I have a crush on Jessie Ware’s voice! I know her since she released her lovely track “Wildest Moments” and after that I was thrilled by her “Say you love me” song, composed together with Ed Sheeran… (btw, I’ll try to make a cover after Jessie’s song, but it’s not an easy option)

Anyway, I’ve just discovered this amazing live video that Jessie posted on her Youtube Channel!  Maybe the acoustic is phenomenal or maybe the Church itself makes me feel this way, but I really think this interpretation is heavenly! ?

I’ve listened to it on repeat more than 20 times and I couldn’t get enough of it!

What about you? Do you like the 2 videos I’m playing on repeat this week?

If you have any musical suggestions for me, just leave me a comment.

Let’s share the good music and the good vibes to everyone! ❤️?

With love,



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